personal info

My name is Søren Gravesen and I am a student at the Animation Workshop Viborg, where I attend the CGA bachelor education. My hope is to be a character and environment artist for computer games.

Contact at;


2013; Working at LogicArtists as CG-artist with focus on characters, equipment and environment

2012; Intern at LogicArtists as CG-artist, creating characters, equipment and environment for the game 'Expeditions; Conquistador'

2010; Lead CG-artist at Dadiu, project Broken Dimensions- Nominated for Unity Award, student category at Unity’s Unite conference in San Francisco

2009-2011; Bachelor education as Computer Graphics Artist at The Animation Workshop, Viborg DK

2008-2011; freelance concept designer for private commisions

2007-2008; employee at McDonalds, Valby- Saving up money for education

2007-2009; English courses at VUC Roskilde (C & B level)

2006-2007; Media Graphics Artist at Roskilde CMoK

2005; studying Illustration and 3d at Roskilde Base4000, Mouse Driver workshop


Software experiences;
-Adobe Photoshop
-Adobe Indesign
-Adobe Illustraitor
-Adobe AfterEffects
-Adobe Premiere
-Autodesk Maya
-Autodesk Mudbox
-Ms Paint ;)

Additional Portfolio;